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About Kumkumapoovu

This is a family serial which tells the story of Professor Jaynathi and her daughter Shalini. Shalinii is professor Jaynathi's illegitimate daughter, whom she gave birth during her college days. Her father told that her daughter was died by birth and convinced her to marry another person, with whom she lead a happy life later. She had a daughter and a son in her husband.


But her daughter Shalini was sold to Markose a cruel butcher. A lady named Subadramma takes her from Markose and brings her up like own daughter with her son Mahesh.


The plot unravels, when Mahesh marries, Professor Jaynathi's daughter Amala. Amala being a selfish girl, hates shalini as she is the bowl of love for everyone around her. She cooks stories about an affair between Shalini and Mahesh and does all that she could to assault Shalini.


Meanwhile Jaynthi realizes that Shalini is her daughter, but still Shalini remains unaware about her mother. Shalini gets married to Rudran and they lead a good life, but Amala keeps disturbing and troubling them in all means. Shalini's father and Jayanthi's ex-lover, Jithan who is a famous novelist comes back. He meets Shalini and both of them recognizes their relationship. The story revolves on the feelings, emotions and confusions that Professor Jayanthi has to face with the love for her Shalini on one side and the warmth of her family on the other hand.

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