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  • Badai Bungalow
  • Badai Bungalow

About Badai Bungalow

Badai Bungalow is a new comedy show from the makers of all time hit Cinemala. The show follows a new format which revolves around the interiors of a house, named Bedai Bungalow. This is basically a stage based show, with a mix of comedy skits, interviews and chats. The show is mainly hosted by Ramesh Pishardai and Mukesh is a permanent guest in the show. Apart from them, a number of celebrities join the show in each episode and will hold discussions mainly about their new movies. Often the stars and crew of a movie join the show as a team.

The concept of the show is simple yet interesting. Mukesh is the owner of Bedia Bungalow and he has rented it out to Ramesh Pisharadi and his wife, who are newly married. Dharmajan is their cook, who lives with them. Guinness Manoj is their neighbor who joins them in between. Many celebrities visit Ramesh Pisharday at Bedai Bungalow and even Mukesh joins their company.

The show also has live audience, who interacts with family members and the guests. All together this is a variety experience for Malayali audience.

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